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Good as Gone Nail Polish Remover 25ml - Essie

Good as Gone Nail Polish Remover 25ml

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Essie introduces its professional nail polish remover, "Good as Gone" in 25ml. This acetone-based cleanser swiftly dissolves nail polish, maintaining the natural nail color. Its efficient formula removes polish without discoloration, ensuring clean and bright nails. A must-have for quick and flawless nail care.



Discover excellence with Essie's professional nail polish remover, "Good as Gone" in a convenient 25ml size. Formulated with acetone, this premium cleanser delivers unparalleled professional efficiency. Swiftly dissolving nail polish, it deeply cleans the nail surface, leaving a pristine canvas ready for your next artistic creation.

Not only is Essie's "Good as Gone" powerful, but it's also gentle. Unlike some removers, it preserves the integrity of the nail, causing no discoloration. Its gentle action even helps brighten the nail, providing an ideal base for the even application of your favorite polish. Bid farewell to worries about unwanted discolorations and welcome nails that look healthy and vibrant.

Efficiency doesn't mean compromising on wait time. "Good as Gone" dries quickly on the nails, allowing you to swiftly move to the next step in your beauty routine. Easy to use and exceptionally effective, this Essie remover becomes your indispensable ally for impeccable and well-groomed nails. Experience Essie for professional-quality results with every use.

Conseils d'utilisation

Enhance Essie remover's effectiveness by gently saturating the cotton and pressing it onto the nail for a few seconds. Wipe from the cuticle to the tip for a clean polish removal. Remember to wash your hands after achieving a flawless application. Choose a routine that combines care and convenience.


943970 • : acetone • aqua / water • ascorbic acid • citric acid (f.i.l. d164552/2)


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